Wallpaper Removal Services

Revitalize your space with our professional wallpaper removal services. At Delaware Painting Pros, we understand the impact that fresh walls can have on your home's aesthetics. Our comprehensive wallpaper removal process is designed to ensure a smooth, clean surface ready for painting or new wallpaper application. Here's what makes our service stand out:

Expert Assessment and Preparation

Initial Consultation: Our process begins with an in-depth assessment of your wallpapered areas. We evaluate the type of wallpaper, its application method, and the condition of the walls beneath to tailor our approach to your specific needs.

Professional Equipment: We utilize professional-grade steaming machines, significantly more efficient than standard rental equipment. This investment allows us to remove wallpaper more effectively, reducing the overall project time.

Thorough Removal Process

Efficient Wallpaper Removal: Our experienced team carefully steams and peels off the wallpaper, ensuring every piece is removed. We then meticulously clean the walls to eliminate all adhesive residues, leaving a pristine surface.

Wall Preparation: Post-removal, we recommend priming the walls with an oil-based primer. This step is crucial for preventing any potential yellowing from leftover glue and creates an ideal base for your next wall treatment.


Transparent Pricing

Fair Pricing Model: Our wallpaper removal services are priced on a time and materials basis. This approach ensures you only pay for the actual work required, providing a fair and transparent pricing structure.

Case-by-Case Estimates: We understand that wallpaper removal can present unforeseen challenges, such as multiple layers or wallpaper applied to unprimed drywall. Our estimates account for these variables, ensuring accuracy and fairness.

Challenges and Solutions

Wallpaper removal can reveal hidden wall conditions that require additional attention. Our team is equipped to handle repairs, from minor touch-ups to extensive skim coating, ensuring your walls are perfectly smooth and ready for their next finish.

Why Choose Delaware Painting Pros?

  • Professional Expertise: Our team's skill and use of professional tools mean we can tackle any wallpaper removal project efficiently.
  • Quality and Care: We prioritize the integrity of your walls, taking steps to ensure they are clean, smooth, and ready for their new look.
  • Transparent, Fair Pricing: Our pricing model reflects our commitment to fairness and transparency, ensuring you receive value and quality for your investment.

Ready for a Fresh Start?

Transform your home with Delaware Painting Pros. Our wallpaper removal services are the first step toward revitalizing your space. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step toward a fresh, updated look for your home.


Our Process

We use butyl-backed drop cloths, that help safeguard a clean paint-free area. We always use shed-free roller covers, as acrylic latex paints pull the hairs out of regular rollers leaving behind fuzz on the wall.

Walk-through: We start every interior painting job by having the homeowner do a walk-through with us while going over the scope of work in each room and identifying any areas that might need attention before our painters get to work.
Then our team will meticulously fix the imperfections, getting the surface ready for paint.
Next, we apply one coat of a fast-drying latex drywall primer to any areas that we’ve repaired, then we apply two coats of paint. After the first coat, we like the homeowner to go through and spot any additional imperfections to their eyes. With two coats of paint your walls will look fantastic.
Service Wallpaper Removal
Delaware Painting Pros has a topof-the-line wallpaper steamer, made by Warner, which helps expedite the wallpaper removal process and yield better results than other removalmethods.
Once we take the wallpaper off, we wipe the walls down with warm water, then apply one coat of KILZ sealer (or equivalent) to prevent any chance of yellowing. We then fix any drywall imperfections. Next we prime and paint for a beautiful finish.